12 Bushy Eastside

Depth: 5m to 30m
Location: Outer Atoll reef just before Kuda Hoholha.
Transfer Time:  approx. 40 min’s

Usually done as a drift dive. On an outgoing current the dive starts inside the channel where the reef slopes gently from 5 metres to a sandy bottom of around 22 – 25 metres. At the outer corner the reef flattens out between 18 and 24 metres and is covered in a variety of corals and an abundance of reef fish. Around the corner drops off quite steeply and has some areas of sand and broken coral. With an incoming current start the dive at the outer corner and follow the reef into the channel. Visibility can get quite bad at the outer corner, but clears once you are in the channel or outer reef.

Features: Large coral formations.
Marine Life:

Fusiliers, Napoleons, Snapper, barracuda, eagle rays, and occasionally Mantas.



11 Bushy Eastside

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