14 Maa Kandu Outside

Depth: 5m to 30m
Location: Outer Atoll, east of Mudakan.
Transfer Time:  approx. 45 min’s

Easy reef wall dive. Not usually affected too much by currents, although it can be swirly in places. Top of the reef starts between 5m and 8m and slopes gradually to around 30 metres or more. Plenty of healthy corals you will find everywhere. Some very large formations at the top of the reef and gorgonians in the deeper areas. A few small caverns and overhangs between 10 and 20 metres depth. Also some sandy patches between 20 and 30 metres. Look in to the blue something may pass by.

Features: Table corals, mushroom coral blocks, gorgonians.
Marine Life:

Various reef fish, sharks, turtles, barracuda, eagle rays, tuna.



13 Maa Kandu Outside

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